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royal-youths: I'm a dreamer too. Can we be friends? (: I really like your account and it's amazeballs! Wondering you can check mine too and possibly follow back? :D Never stop dreaming big and living the dream! 

OMG YASS DREAMERS UNITE!!! of course we can be friends lol I just want to be friends with all of my followers you guys are sweeter than people i know in real life oops

Guys I might be inactive for a bit sorry:(

Anonymous: how often do you visit your tumblr? 

Pretty often I guess but its kind of hard because of all the homework i get ugh. 

Anonymous: ¿te gusta que te hablen en español? ¿qué tanto se te dificulta? 

lol im so bad in spanish ahaha

ginnypevensie: ¿das follow back? 

I honestly would but I can’t it wont let me!!! Ya i know it’s really weird/annoying and im sorry :(

Anonymous: la foto debajo de tu alias eres tu? 

No it’s not I don’t have any pictures of myself on tumblr

Wow i feel so proud I actually understood that ;P